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The match

We were actively participating in project bidding on the website, a promising startup whose idea we greatly supported. Their concept was to facilitate connections between vetted development companies and individuals seeking assistance with their projects. One of the initial matches we had through Dev Shopper, and one of the initial matches on Dev Shopper in general! was between Mile and Fotograflisten.

Fotograflisten is an innovative project conceived by the Norwegian design team Svai. Its purpose is to bridge the gap between individual photographers or photography studios and individuals in need of professional services for events like weddings.

What makes Fotograflisten particularly remarkable is that there is currently no comparable service available in Norway. It serves as a one-stop platform for both offering and searching for photography services.

The beginning

Svai’s exceptional work on wireframes and UI deserves commendation. Their designs were so well-thought-out that we simply had to analyze them, provide our estimation, and start implementing. They meticulously considered every minute detail, including features like the ability to view failed invoices and the option to retry payments (which even some major platforms like Github lack, requiring users to contact support). Also, Svai incorporated the option to input additional security information for failed transactions, such as 3D Secure requirements.

Moreover, Svai demonstrated a solid understanding of the concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP). They crafted an application that possessed all the necessary elements to function effectively, while avoiding an excessive overload of features, a perfect MVP in our view.

Some MVP features:

  • Log in with Facebook or Google
  • Photographer location filtering
  • Contact photographer
  • Fotograflisten PRO
  • Trial version
  • Drag & Drop photo uploader
  • Category manager
  • Photo processing

Services we provided


With designs perfected, we seamlessly transitioned into the development phase. Our choice of technologies included Node.js Express for the backend and React Next.js for the frontend. This combination enabled us to efficiently bring our vision to life.


We configured a range of AWS services, deployment pipelines from Github, Docker Hub for image management, and AWS Elastic Beanstalk to ensure flawless operation.


Maintenance is essential even for an MVP. Facebook regularly updates their SDK, Google and Stripe update their packages, and all these updates need to be incorporated into the software, thoroughly tested, and verified.

03. Navigation

04. Bike Details

05. Bike Ride

06. Return Bike

07. Bike List

01. Map

02. Zone

03. Navigation

04. Bike Details

05. Bike Ride

06. Return Bike

07. Bike List

Backend Magic

In addition to following coding best practices, our goal was to achieve seamless integration between all services and automate every aspect. We initially set up two environments, development and beta, with automated deployment procedures from their respective branches. Once everything was deemed ready for customers, we added a third environment, production.

Frontend Smoothness

The key focus for us were the seamless user experience (UX) and visually appealing user interface (UI), which have already been perfected by Svai. In addition to their expertise, we have diligently structured the frontend, ensuring smooth navigation, dynamic loading, and preloading functionalities. This meticulous approach contributes to an exceptionally smooth and enjoyable user experience.

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